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IamSearchingForYouGod.com is an internet based Christian web site that is dedicated to bringing people to the knowledge and understanding of what it means to serve God.

The theme of this web site is to train people to how to receive first hand information from the Holy Spirit, and then build a personal relationship (friendship) with Jesus. This will require a daily commitment to read your bible. I suggest that all start with The Minister of Water Baptism, and then follow-up with The Regenerate Man of the Holy Spirit. (as of today these articles are under review and will be published soon) – 11/15/2014

On reading the bible: start in the New Testament at the Gospel of John.
If you know someone that you think could benefit from the information on this website them please recommend it to them as this is the purpose of


Tim Barker

Remember to pray with your child today.
Remember to pray with your child today.

Any and all comments are welcomed and encouraged as this is the only way I have to judge the site and the content.

Don’t be shy. Submit a testimonial today to the “RUSTY NAIL” on IamSearchingForYouGod.com

If you would like your testimony published follow the directions on the “TESTIMONIES” page.

“Pressing into the Kingdom one letter at a time”

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