ABC Journals

ABC Journals

Do you know exactly where you are at with God? Don’t answer this too quickly. Think about it. Do you REALLY KNOW where you are at with God? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a gauge to let us know how full or empty we were? You know, like a gas gauge. If your vehicle is anything like mine your gas gauge would rarely read FULL. I am a simple person and God teaches me simply. He has taught me how to journal in a way that has deeply blessed my life and allowed me to grow to the next spiritual level/lesson. I would like to share my testimony with you and I pray that you work diligently with zest and enthusiasm as if working for The Lord himself. As if Jesus appears in your living room each morning and has told you to document all that the 2 of you share. You are the bookkeeper and the journal your is responsibility. Amen & Amen
Three years ago I started a morning Bible Study with my 4 children. We had never had a family Bible study so we honestly didn’t know what to do. God led me to cover a Devotional, reading aloud an Encouraging Christian Book at our leisure and of course the meat of our meal, a chapter from The Holy Bible. We took notes during class to keep active. As the Bible studies progressed so did the need for a system to tame our papers. Each one of us utilized our own system but before long even individual systems became bulky. The wonderful part was that by having the Bible study and doing the WORK we were receiving even more!!! That’s right, do the work and you will receive so many lessons it will produce more papers!!! That’s exactly the place where we were. One morning while praying quietly before my family woke I felt the burning desire to grab a pencil and paper and write. What I read later amazed me because I am not that smart!  There in front of me was the structure of journaling – ABC’s. I remember thinking to myself… “How much simpler can you get than the ABC’s Lord.” What a sense of humor our Lord has!
Well, that brings us to now. Please enter prayer before beginning the ABC’s . Don’t dismiss any Title as “not important.” Remember, your are the bookkeeper. God will determine what is important. Now is the time for honesty. Journal from your heart and your attributes will be revealed.
Like the word RESPONSIBILITY or not, it belongs to each one of us. We are responsible for ourselves naturally and we are responsible for ourselves spiritually. As we all know with Responsibility comes WORK. We must work to provide for our natural needs and we must work to provide for our spiritual needs. Where to begin? What do I do? How do I do it? When should I do it? These were all of my questions. Instead of seeking the answers we as humans sit the questions to the side and continue feeding the flesh and becoming stagnant in our spiritual life. As a productive person it is our responsibility to work to eat. We continue to feed off the “milk” in life and not eat of the “meat” because we are not responsible enough yet.
We sit our responsibility to the side because we are lazy. If we set a standard we are responsible for upholding those standards. If we say “Oh I don’t want to set a standard, I will just journal my own way and I will Praise God all day every day.” Good intentions fall short daily. Work provides food. Today most of us are not even meeting the MINIMUM standards.
How can the MINIMUM standards be met if there are not ANY standards set?
If you have no goal, how can a goal be met?
Understand this: We are not addressing your standards of LIVING. We are addressing your responsibility- Your standards of LEARNING GOD’S WORD & COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION. We are all given several responsibilities in life and we should give attention to all.
Be filled with the Holy Spirit and journal your ABC’s

MINIMUM STANDARD: ABC’s – Monday – Thursday
When God revealed to me that I should conduct and journal 4 days a week I was a little confused. WHY only 4 days Lord? I love you so much I can do these things for you 7 days a week!! Enthusiasm is wonderful but can often cause us to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Pride sometimes causes us to overload ourselves. God desires GOOD work from us. Use this example: If you tell your child that their responsibility is to take out the trash daily. They want to please you so much they may respond “I will vacuum the living room in addition each day.” After a couple of weeks when the enthusiasm is gone, the living room isn’t vacuumed daily. In fact, even the trash isn’t even taken out daily.
What I am trying to say is that our MINIMUM standard (taking out the trash) is being overlooked. How can we expect ourselves to journal Sunday – Saturday if we don’t even know if we can maintain our MINIMUM standard.(Monday – Thursday) Master the MINIMUM before moving on. Big “Bites” will cause you to choke.
The structure of the journal is very specific. Each action has a purpose. Detail must be given to items such as HIGHLIGHTING, FRAMING, COMPLETE DATE and NEATNESS.
 Journals must be in your OWN hand. Get off that computer and grab a pen! 
 Discipline yourself IMMEDIATELY on your handwriting. The purpose of journaling is because you want to read it again!
 Complete documentation is very important. Don’t be lazy in your writing. Take the time to write down detail of your dreams and studies.
 Each morning give God that quiet time before your day begins. Your standard should be waking an hour before everyone else to accomplish your ABC’s! Sleep in the other days! You will feel so accomplished in your walk! We can never give God enough of our time. However, if we never set a standard (ABC’s) then we will never progress.
 Each morning complete your A & B.
 Schedule a time that works best for you for your C. Be realistic by scheduling yourself @ least 30 minutes of quiet time. Mine is @ 1:00 pm when the babies are napping.
 Start out with these steps:
1. Complete ABC’s Monday – Thursday
2. Complete ABC’s Monday – Thursday & “A” Friday – Sunday
• This is as far as I have gotten with “advancing steps” but I know God is not done yet!
 “A” & “B” each have 3 Titles. Please highlight and box all titles.

Definite Do’s…

Do write the date completely and legibly.
Do write your letters with a Highlighter.
Do highlight all Titles. (There are 3 on each page)
Do take good notes.
Do write in Black ink only.
Do put your heart and soul into your journal. Especially your “Dear God” (A)
Do start your day out with your A & B.
Do plan a consistent time that will work for your “C”
Do get back to your ABC’s without being discouraged of your shortcomings. GUILT slows us down and DETERMINATION keeps us going!
Do take the weekly Evaluation.
Do Label Your Notebook upon completion.
Do journal the reason you did not complete a letter.
1. Box and Highlight the Date.
2. Box and Highlight any Revealings.
3. Box and Highlight any Dreams. If you did not dream, journal that you did not dream.
* I find it helpful when I am not receiving and/or getting dreams I concentrate more on the “C” and my “A” picks right back up!
1. Box and Highlight (your Devotional) Purchase a 365 day Devotional. Look around your house! You may already have one! Devotionals are never a waste of time! This is the “book learning” part. Most Devotionals are focused on a certain scripture while others incorporate scripture into the example.
2. Box and Highlight (your Book of Interest) This should be a writer that encourages you to get active with God. Self improvement is essential. It is nice to know what others are receiving and how God is being worshipped and praised! Remember… We all take what we perceive as correct and leave what is not. This should be applied and questioned. The one to question is not the author but GOD himself.
3. Box and Highlight a Chapter out of your Bible. Example Box and Highlight: GENESIS Chapter 1


Just You and Jesus
 Here’s the Work! You have to get involved with Jesus to have anything to research!
 There is no format. This is an area for research and document things God is giving you!
 If you are not receiving a lesson… STUDY UP!!! It won’t be long.
 Pick a Short Book of the Bible and take notes.
 Get involved!! I can’t tell you what to do!!  You start with something and God will meet you there!
Start a book…… Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo is a GREAT BOOK!!! Read a couple of chapters and record in your “C” any thoughts you had from the book.
Select books that honor The Lord… Something you would like to read but just “don’t have the time.” Is it that we don’t have the time or we don’t want to MAKE TIME for Jesus? Without the Sun(Son) we have no light! If there is no light…. There is on only dark. 


1. Documentation of Date & Pouring out your heart(Dear God) “A”
2. Documentation of your Revealing “A”
3. Documentation of your Dreams “A”
4. Daily Devotional – Practical application of Scripture “B”
5. Book of Encouragement- Self improvement “B”
6. Chapter of the Bible in detail “B”
7. Personal time to research and document what God is giving you “C”
In Closing please be inspired by these ABC’S… You will be on fire to Journal for Jesus but be warned, the “newness” will wear off and journaling will be a pain. WHEN(not if) this happens and your life is not where you want it to be…. BE ENCOURAGED my friend. Pick yourself up and start again. No matter if you are teaching your children or journaling alone begin your AB in the morning before you go to work/school/start your day. Putting your mind in the right place is essential and you have accomplished Half of your goal(ABC’s) before you start your day. The “C” is the most challenging for me… Being a mom of 4 it goes without saying that my PERSONAL needs are put last. A successful time for your “C” will help lots! Lunch time? Right before bed? We are talking 5-10 minutes for your “C.”
I have made a commitment to God. YOU are part of that commitment. If you would like to get started here’s what needs to happen:
2.) Email thru Turn if You Will and provide your First and Last Name and Address….
3.) Once I receive Your name I will journal for you for 3 DAYS and mail your journal to you on the 4th day.
The journaling I will do for you will be my ABC’s… I will make a note in my journal that I am journaling for YOU…..
No more excuses! The Time for a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS IS NOW!!!!!!!!!
In His Name

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