I Cry Out To You LORD

I cry out to you LORD
Dear Heavenly Father/ ABBA FATHER I cry out to you LORD, on behalf of my son/daughter.
I Samuel 1.4-20

Create in him/her a new heart, oh God.
Ezekiel 11.19-20

Let him experience your power and your presence in a way like he has never experienced it before.
Psalms 23.4

Father God, break any strongholds over his life that the enemy has launched his way and cancel any assignments from the evil one concerning my son.
Psalms 1.1-6

Rescue him from the sin in his life.
I John 1.9

Break every yolk of bondage that would ensnare him.
Galatians 5.1
Please turn his heart and his mind and his actions towards you, JESUS.
Acts 26.15-18

Give him a hungering and thirsting for your WORD in his personal life.
Matthew 5.1-12

Deepen his understanding of who you are oh, LORD.
Psalms 40.7

I pray for a fresh outpouring of your SPIRIT upon him today.
Mark 1.7-11

Please remove each and every evil influence relationship / friendships in his life.
Psalms 26.1-12

Replace those ungodly influences with healthy, and Godly relationships.
II Samuel 7.26-29

Please Father, do a mighty work in and through my precious son.
Matthew 20.20-23

Place a guard over his mouth, and teach him what he should say.
Luke 12.12

Guard his heart, mind and spirit.
I John 5.5-8

Let the conviction of the HOLYSPIRIT come upon him quickly and rescue him from the enemy’s ploy.

1 thought on “I Cry Out To You LORD”

  1. Judy McNichols said:

    God is very Faithful!!! In a time of desperation in my own life to see the Power of God intervene and show up in my sons life and to see change; this became this Mommas prayer for her son. I am Praising God today for His unfailing promises!!! He is Faithful and He has answered this prayer and many many more!!! Praise His Holy Name!!! To God Be the Glory!!! Great things He has done!!!! Judy McNichols


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