Non-Believer’s Challenge

Introduction: The Non-Believer’s Challenge is a 60 day study of the word of God (the bible). During this study you will read the bible one day and the next day journal your thoughts on what you read the day before. There are 30 suggested passages included with this study that can be used as a guide to help you in your reading choices.
Have you ever wondered why so many people believe in God? Why not spend every other day in the word of God. Even days are spent in the word of God. Odd days are spent journaling your thoughts about not believing the Word of God. On any given even day an individual will spend 15 to 30 minutes in the Word of God reading various passages, a list will be provided to make it easier to read and meditate on God’s word daily. On the odd days an individual will set aside 15 to 30 minutes daily journaling their thoughts as they meditate on God not being present in their life. The key focus of this study will be brought out on the odd days in the form of revealings of what God has shown you on the even days.
If you don’t believe in God and you don’t believe that there is a God then this study is for you. It is worth proving out that God is real or not. If you already believe in God then this study will only strengthen your belief. If you believe God to be a myth then it would be worth your time to prove to yourself and your believing friends that God really is a myth. Another key facet of the study is to be true to yourself and your journaling on the odd days, when someone cannot be true to themselves who can they be true too. The study can be started on any given day odd or even. This will be a 60 day study so when you come to the point in your study when the month changes and you end up with two odd days in a row simply journal for both of these days, and this will enable you to stay on track. You can start today by just reading the first passage on the list. This study will enable people to understand how they view the word of God. Begin.
At the end of the 60 days comes a special part of the study. You will need to reevaluate by re-reading your journaling process and answer yourself whether or not you feel that your belief in God has not changed or if it has changed to what degree. If it has changed where do you go from here? You may choose to go to a local church, seek out a friend who is a believer, or you may choose to select other articles from this website
Written by Tim Barker

Non-Believer’s Challenge Passage List
1. Psalms 19; I Kings Chapter 18; Psalms 64; Acts 17.11.
2. Psalms 51; Zechariah Chapter 3; Psalms 35; Zechariah 12.10.
3. Psalms 72; John Chapter 3; Psalms 8; Matthew 3.11.
4. Psalms 23; I Peter Chapter 3; Psalms 59; Matthew 9.13.
5. Psalms 1; I John chapter 1; Psalms 55; Mark 1.4.
6. Psalms 123; Luke Chapter 1; Psalms 70; I Timothy 4.1-3.
7. Psalms 91; Proverbs Chapter 3; Psalms 68; Mark 2.17.
8. Psalms 73; Job Chapter 1; Psalms 84; II Timothy 3.5.
9. Psalms 90; Matthew Chapter 16; Psalms 112; Luke 3.8.
10. Psalms 107; Job Chapter 32; Psalms 34; Luke 5.32.
11. Psalms 69; Luke Chapter 23; Psalms 100; Luke 15.7.
12. Psalms 2; Judges Chapter 13; Psalms 13; John 1.12.
13. Psalms 110; Exodus Chapter 3; Psalms 85; Luke 24.7.
14. Psalms 20; Joshua Chapter 5; Psalms 95; Acts 5.31.
15. Psalms 9; Genesis Chapter 3; Psalms 97; Acts 11.18.
16. Psalms 135; I Timothy Chapter 2; Psalms 48; Acts 13.22-24.
17. Psalms 22; Hebrews Chapter 11; Psalms 103; Acts 19.4.
18. Psalms 26; Habakkuk Chapter 2; Psalms 144; Revelation 2.7.
19. Psalms 41; Romans Chapter 1; Psalms 86; Acts 20.21.
20. Psalms 79, Galatians Chapter 3; Psalms 139; Acts 26.19-20.
21. Psalms 92; Hebrews Chapter 10; Psalms 128; Romans 2.1-4.
22. Psalms 80; Hosea Chapter 14; Psalms 37; Romans 11.29.
23. Psalms 50; Isaiah 52.13-15; Isaiah Chapter 53; Psalms 98.
24. Psalms 32; Joel Chapter 2; Psalms 150; II Timothy 3.7.
25. Psalms 66; Deuteronomy Chapter 7; Psalms 13; II Corinthians 7.9-10.
26. Psalms 82; Ecclesiastes Chapter 2; Psalms 121; II Timothy 2.24-26.
27. Psalms 14; Lamentations Chapter 3; Psalms 54; Hebrews 6.1.
28. Psalms 104; James Chapter 5; Psalms 74; Malachi 3.10
29. Psalms 126; Matthew Chapter 3; Psalms 5; Hosea 13.14.
30. Psalms 42; I Corinthians Chapter 15; II Peter 3.9. Psalms 19.

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