Shortest way – redeem the time
God has one plan for mankind, one plan for all!
The spirit was poured out as a gift for whosoever. Acts 1:8; They would receive power after Holy Ghost came upon them and they would be witnesses.
When the event took place at Pentecost and it was noised abroad, the people came together and asked Peter, what they could do. The answer is in Acts 2:38 – 39. Peter told them, the Spirit was for them also, and three thousand received the word and was added to the Church – Acts 2:41.
Acts 10:43-48; The Gentiles also received the word and were given the Spirit also.
John 6:44 ; God has to draw you to Jesus first.
The question arises:
Why a Holy Spirit? John 14:26.
This anointing (Spirit) will teach you. I John 2:20&27.
Stammering lips and another tongue, to whom He said this, is the rest yet they would not hear – Isaiah 28:11-12; 1Cor. 14:21.
Look what happens when you close your ears; He has put the spirit of a deep sleep upon the people – Isaiah 29:9-13. If you will turn to the reproof of the Lord, He will pour out His Spirit upon you and you will be taught truth. You will know and then you can witness that God is in the people of a truth, Pro. 1:23.
Now is the time to fear the name of the Lord, that the Son of Righteousness can arise with light to shine in your darkened world, that you can grow up as calves of the stall, then you’ll know wickedness and tread it down – Malachi 4:2-3.
Whosoever will, let him come and drink of the water of life freely which is the Holy Ghost. For without this Spirit, you are none of His. Without this Spirit you cannot know truth to be made one with God, and you are in danger of Eternal fire. Revelation 22:17, John 7:37-39
If your heart has been touched, seek out a secluded place and seek the Lord, your Creator, with your whole heart. Empty out your vessel and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth. That you can begin to know truth, to be set free. When you are filled, you will be able to set your standard for Higher Vision, to be perfected for assurance of Eternal Life. Don’t weaken in any measure until this takes place in your life. Heaven is waiting and watching your decision in this matter. You and your loved ones decision, determines whether the course is Life or Death.
If you are in doubt whatsoever, that you are filled with the Holy Ghost that puts you in fellowship (communion) with God, so that you can produce Higher Vision fruits, please write and inform us. We can and will help! We have a questionnaire that you can read and judge yourself by. Please get involved, save yourself and others you love. Your involvement will or may determine their eternal life. Read this scripture; 1 Cor 11:31.
The burden is on you!

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