In The Meat of the Word

The first thing you need to do after you are filled with the Spirit of Truth (Holy Ghost) is to learn how to receive truth substance. It’s like having a glass that is empty; now it needs to be filled. For this substance to stay pure it must not be mingled.

Step 1 is to separate yourself (seclusion). You must find a place where you can be alone with God. No other voices, only the voice of God. This must be a place where you can talk and express yourself, without any outside interruptions. You must be able to retreat to this place at any time.

Step 2 involves securing this place of retreat. Make this your number one project. Build it, buy a shed, add a room, but do it! When your place of retreat is completed, furnish it. You need a light, a couch or a place to lie down to meditate, a chair and table or a desk to write your answers from God. Some of the tools you will need are a bible, concordance, pencil and paper, and a dictionary. Make sure you have plenty of heat and air, so flesh doesn’t have an excuse to keep you from meeting with God.

Step 3, a place of contact. Now it is time to set a standard to meet God in your place of retreat. Begin to enter at different times, just to get use to being alone to meditate. At this time do not do anything, just wait for instructions. You will know when they come.

Let me give you an example of how it happened to me. I was in my place of seclusion, just meditating. A scripture came to me, if you don’t have the doctrine of God, you do not have God. So, I immediately opened the concordance to the word doctrine. I learned through past experience to get direct and to the point. I started at the book of Job. Using a pencil, I went down the list of scriptures reading the summary of each one, from the concordance. When a thought would register, I would write the scripture down on my pad of paper. I then, continued on to the next scripture, until I reached the end of Revelation.

Next, I would read each scripture on my list. If God showed anything concerning a scripture, I would write it down on paper. If the scripture didn’t focus on the subject I was on, I would ignore it and go to the next. After I was through, I knew what God had to say concerning the matter and not man. I was amazed at the insight that was revealed. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get back and meditate in my place of seclusion.
Step 4 is where you begin to set stricter standards for the meat of doctrine – to see vision – revelations – to have angels to come on and off of you as they did the Lord Jesus. After all, you are the body and He is the head. Begin by reading one chapter a day, then meditate until you understand what you have read. Any thoughts you get write them down. Do not mingle your thoughts, this brings on confusion. Keep them separate. Double thoughts keep you from completely working out a single answer from God. Write all your thoughts out. Learn to work on only one thought at a time until completed. If you get stirred or can’t complete your subject, lay it aside for a while or write it in a book which you can title “Incomplete Thoughts or Subject Matter,” then go on to the next and so on. You can always search through this book when you have extra time, to see if God is prompting you to complete a subject matter.

Step 5 is where you work your way to prayer. Rom. 8:26-27; get to the place to where you can weep uncontrollably before God, until the Spirit takes control. This is important! We must learn to empty ourselves out for a complete refilling or as the scripture says, regeneration. This is the only way to receive something from God. Remember the teaching of a double-minded man. Don’t let that man think he shall receive anything from God. God says, this man is unstable in all his ways. The same way you empty your vessel out to be filled with the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, is the same way or state of mind you must be in to receive from God; to receive healings, solutions to problems, finances, or whatever is important to you. When you empty yourself out to receive from heaven, you are storing up in the bank of heaven. You are storing where moth or corruption cannot reach. Once YOU have substance in heaven, you have an account you can draw on. So, when you are in need or others are in need, you can draw on your account and see heaven in action.

Step 6 involves exercising and leadership. After you have completed the above procedure and are a receiver from God, you will have a great desire to exercise before others. This will create a desire in others to know your great secret. Your whole life and attitude will change. After you have went before and have paved the way, you will be ready to lead others down the path into a great opening that only a few dare to trod. Receiving higher unending vision.

Step 7 of this step by step procedure is your need to assemble in body type ministry meetings. These meetings give each individual the freedom to exercise what God has revealed to them in their secret place. You must give out what God has revealed to you, so you can receive more from him. If you never give it out, and hide it, then God will give it to someone else. Read Matt. 25:14 – 30.

These are just a few steps to get you started to independence; there are many more, which God will show you as you seek Him out. Remember His ways are passed finding out. He is inexhaustible; there is no boredom in him. He is well able to give you fresh manna (food) from heaven everyday, if you will set up a standard and ask Him for it. After you are settled in God and know the standard works: teach or train others.

Now I have an abundance of doctrines, subjects, songs, poems, and proverbs, all because I sought Higher Vision. If these steps are followed, there is no reason why God will not honor His word and do the same for you. You must begin to hunger and thirst after the right way to be filled. Who has stirred themselves up to be filled with Higher Vision? Them that do will be filled.

One doctrine or subject you can get started with is work. God says, “…if you don’t work you don’t eat.” All nature teaches you this. You work all week, then comes the reward, you get paid. If you do not work to secure a place to meet God, you will not have a place, uninterrupted, to receive the pure unmingled food from above. No work, no pay. Flesh is lazy; it will use every excuse to keep itself from Higher Vision. The religious system has taught us to be good listeners. The pastor or elder feeds the congregation, which are the children. But the children are never able to fend or feed themselves. This is perversion and against nature. We have become a people of free loaders. We load up at the expense of others. They work, we eat. This creates an attitude of easy come, easy go. We are at the mercy of others. It’s time to grow up and feel profitable. The only way this is done is to separate yourself and begin to train your family in such. Deny yourself and set a standard to seek Higher Vision.

Seek Higher Vision in your place of secret, whether in the woods, or a cave, or a state of mind. Or whether you are rich or poor, plan and begin to build your secret place, for it is the future for you and your loved ones. Prove and show God your love by building and bringing it to pass.

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