The Milk Program

The Milk Program

This milk program is designed for newborn babes in God. Newborn babes are enthusiastic, a bundle of energy. They are over enthusiastic in wanting to explore and learn. When an individual is initially filled with the Holy Ghost he or she is to immediately be put on the milk program. They have become a newborn babe in Christ.

To get the full potential out of this program you must follow these scriptures:

Ecc. 9:10; Do it with all your might. A babe is like this.

Pro. 4:20-27; Do not look to the right or the left.

Mark 10:13-16; Approach God as a child or you will not enter in.

If you are not willing to take on these child-like attributes there is no way you can enter in. When a child’s enthusiasm is at its peak it desires lots of attention, wanting to take in and learn all that it can. Those that have just received the initial evidence and manifest these attributes are as a child at its peak.

All of us that will humble down as Jesus said and become as a child must pour out our heart to the Allegiance of Obedience. We must be regenerated, and exercise as those that had the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost. Then we can receive the full potential of what God has to offer through this program. Mark 10:13-16; Titus 3:5.

Heb. 10:31-39; …believe to the saving of the soul.

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