Ultimate Prayer

Ultimate Prayer

The meaning of prayer

Prayer means – to earnestly beseech – beg – implore – ask – crave for the attention of God your creator to grant a request.

All matters in the earth are governed by law and when a law is broken, out of order matters causes a lot of problems.

The solution to the matter is pray for God to show you the right order of the matter and you correcting the matter so that the problem will go away. A lot of people pray in vain: Are you one of them?

A vain prayer is a prayer; asking God to correct the problem without us doing anything to correct the matter. Some do nothing because they do not know what to do.

According to God we are responsible to correct ourselves: All parents teach their Children to correct their selves.

The Old Testament states the leaders examined the problem and the people corrected it by doing it the lawful way and the problem went away. There is only a problem when a matter is
Out of order.
The prayer accepted by God
Is earnestly beseeching – begging – pleading – asking – craving for God to show you the right order of the matter and then you do something to correct the matter: Required works. When God shows you your unseen answer, you are required to do work to correct it. Faith without works is like an unanswered prayer: Dead.

Many pastors – leaders – and people know the answer for correction of those asking for prayer but refuse to tell the answers to those that ask; so they flatter or ignore to tell them the truth in fear of loosing their fellowship or membership.

Are you one of them???
If you are! Tell them the truth and let their healing begin!

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