As soon as one has conformed, being filled with the Holy Ghost, a standard must be set to receive Higher Vision. Set a scheduled time for reading the Bible, beginning at St. John the first chapter to the end of the New Testament. The reason for starting with this book of the New Testament is to make all newborns aware of all the promises, standards, and what God requires of each newborn. Each individual must be weaned from the world (Old Nature) and nurtured into the New World, the Kingdom of God. They must be left alone, free from worldly outside influence, so that they can hear and begin to know the voice of the Lord. All are to continue to exercise in Higher Vision until all doubt is gone. The only true security we have in our future is perfectly knowing the voice of the Lord. All newborns are to be brought into the presence of God, where they are given access to Higher Vision. This will insure the process of growing out of the worldly sin nature (Old Nature) and unto the heavenly nature after the image of God (Higher Vision). When you have completed reading the New Testament begin all over as instructed in Volume-II.

Tutoring For Higher Vision

Any person that lacks in Higher Vision must be tutored until it is plain and they are exercising such. This tutoring or teaching is through actual exercise. This exercise takes place after a person is examined by the Higher Vision council and found to qualify. The council determines the times and events needed for instruction that is convenient for each person.

Law of Receiving Higher Vision

All must be filled with the Holy Ghost, which is the Spirit of Truth. These scriptures reveal that the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Truth.

John 14:15-17; John 15:26-27; John 16:12-15; I John 4:6; 1 John 5:6

It is a must that all receive the Holy Ghost or the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth reveals the truth substance of God, which is Higher Vision. Only those that are filled with the Holy Ghost can recognize the truth. Only those that are lead by the Holy Ghost or the Spirit of Truth are qualified to be a part of the council of tutors. These tutors know truth and all persons receiving truth. When truth comes by God it is recognized by:

A. It’s pureness
B. Being peaceable
C. Being Gentle
D. Being easy to be entreated
E. Being full of mercy
F. Showing good fruits
G. Not showing partiality
H. Not being hypocritical
(James 3:17)

This fruit of righteousness will be sown in peace by them that make peace. All must exercise in Higher Vision to be qualified as being sanctified or purified.

Proverbs 16:6; John 17:17; James 1:18; I Peter 1:22; 1 Samuel 12:24

Read about the men and women in the Bible that qualified for Higher Vision. Hear their testimony and do not let any person take it from you. Any person that tries to do so let the curses of God dwell. They are stealing your eternal security and those you love.

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