All beginners are those that have been filled with the Holy Ghost.

STEP ONE: Find a secluded place or room to be alone.

STEP TWO: Have a Bible, a note pad, writing utensil, and dictionary.

STEP THREE: Begin to read at St. John the last gospel of the New Testament.

STEP FOUR: Write down any questions that come to mind. Do not leave the first chapter until you are satisfied that you understand what is being said. If there is a word you do not understand use your dictionary. If you come across a word that the dictionary does not explain to your satisfaction, write it down in your note pad for more study. If there is a verse you do not understand, write it down on your note pad.

Your note pad should have on it:

A. All words not understood, that need looked up in a Dictionary.
B. Verses not understood.
C. Words that require more studying to understand what is being said.

STEP FIVE: After you have read the first chapter, go back to your note pad and begin to work off of it. If it is a word, look it up in the dictionary to get it’s meaning. If it is a verse, use another translation of the Bible and ask God to reveal what he is saying. If it is a word that the dictionary does not explain to your satisfaction, use your concordance as a dictionary. Find your word in the concordance; read the scriptures where that word is used and mark all scriptures you feel will give you more information concerning that word. Assembling these scriptures together will give you the interpretation. It’s like using the Dictionary. These assembled scriptures that explain a matter, are called a doctrine or teaching.

STEP SIX: After you have exhausted all questionable words or verses on your note pad and understand all your questions, begin to read the first chapter all over again with understanding.

STEP SEVEN: Now start the second chapter and all following chapters the same way, till you reach the end of the Bible. If at any time you have trouble with understanding any matter you have written on your note pad and cannot get an answer, write it down in question form using the original spirit and scope, in a special note pad of unanswered questions. Check your pad of unanswered questions periodically to see if you can answer any of them with your advanced knowledge. Remember the Holy Ghost will lead, guide, and teach you. If you practice letting the Holy Ghost give you all the answers, you will eventually become dependent on this perfect way of doing it God’s way, (Higher Vision).

John 16:13-15; 14:26; 1John 2:20 and verse 27.

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