JOHN THE BAPTIST ~ Bible Study Message

Bible Study Based on Seeking Holiness

Acts 26:16-20
I Corinthians 14:26-33
Joel 2:28-32
Romans 1:4
Lev 11:44-45 & I Peter 1:16

Tuesday’s (every other week) starting January 13, 2015
See bible study lessons for the next scheduled date and time.

7:30 P.M. the times utilized in this study will be flexible to allowing each event ample opportunity for fulfillment of content.

7:15-7:45 Prayer: during this time all that wish to attend this meeting should be in prayer to God. This should occur while still in transit so that when you arrive to the meeting you will already be in prayer. Upon arrival come in take your seat and continue to pray.

7:45-8:15 Bible study session: this will be the main bible study lesson and this is the period that any guest speakers will present God’s message.

7:45-8:00 Transition period: during this period we will be moving from the bible study to the break out group, any needed breaks should be taken at this time.

8:30 Break out session: during this period attendees will assemble into small groups and develop a short presentation. Suggestions include testimonies, bible lesson and revelation from the Holy Ghost.

Followed by…

Group presentations: time for presentation will depend upon the number of groups. The main focus of this session is to give out that information that was received during the (break-out session) so that all in attendance will exercise in expecting that Jesus will speak to you and also enable you to give out with confidence that which he has given you. Freely received freely given.

Conclusion: just a few hours a week that is dedicated to The Lord Jesus Christ in receiving inspiration from the Holy Ghost and in turn sharing that same information with others as a means to build confidence in ones self that all are worthy to give and receive from Jesus Christ.


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