International Prayer Network

International Prayer Network

From Janet Meadows

My life is that of a mobile Tabernacle of David. I have been working in eastern N.C. in the area of prayer missions since 1997. The most recent vision and assignment I have been given is that of working in prayer missions in the states on the eastern seaboard – – to undergird with prayer and fasting the Tabernacle of David vision. The Tabernacle of David is the very pulse of God – HE let us know this in 2002 while contending for His Presence at The Fathers House church in New Bern, N.C. While on missions in another state , Holy Spirit spoke through some prayer leaders that God was using these missions to connect the Houses of Prayer ; and that HE was setting things up for the future. There are many pieces to the puzzle , and some of us may never meet who are co laboring for the heart of God to come to pass for the House of Prayer / Tabernacle of David.

Janet Meadows / IPN

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