Delivered by Tamara Laroux

Delivered by Tamara Laroux

“Delivered” gives a glimpse into the desperate feel, touch, and smell of hell, takes you from the depth of hell to the heights of heaven and the nature of God. Describes in detail how it feels to burn while in hell. It is about a 15 year old girl that commits suicide and her subsequent journey into hell. The despair that is felt as a human being actually describes how she became “fear”. This book puts into perspective the actual born again transformation that all must undergo as described on page (77 the last three lines). This born again experience (conversion) occurred years after the suicide attempt and the hell experience that took place. Also an account of how it feels to look into the eyes of another condemned soul and comprehend that hell will be your eternal home, never to see loved ones ever again.
Search “Tamara Laroux Shot Herself, & Went to Hell, Then to Heaven and BACK!!” on Utube.

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