Church Body Instruction Letter and Training Guide

Suicide Journal instruction to the way of life
Church body instruction letter and training guide

The goal of the Suicide Journal instruction to the way of life is to extend the life of a desperate person by five days by journaling their feelings and reading their responses on subsequent days of the journal process.
This letter is meant to be a guide to all churches of America. Suicide is a preventable act. The pastors of America will not be able to reach those desperate individuals that desire to end their life through an intentional life ending act. However a message from a pastor to their congregation on a prevention method could have a positive life extending effect.
I am a firefighter and have had the misfortune of seeing first hand a young man hanging from a tree with no life left in him and no way to change his heart or mind. After that day I felt that a call to the assembles of the churches of America could reach many desperate people with suicidal thoughts. There may be many ways to prevent suicide but here is an easy one to remember. Just write it down and read it tomorrow. Any one that writes there problems down and reads them tomorrow every day will by default overcome the desire to take their own life.
This is a three step process. You the friend or relative or acquaintance or even a co worker may be the only individual that has any idea that someone wants to take their own life.
Step one: tell them that they must admit to them self that they have suicidal thoughts.
Step two: give them pen and paper.
Step three: instruct them to write down there thoughts on paper and answer three questions.
Question 1. Can I wait until tomorrow to take my life?
Question 2. Upon reading my journal notes from yesterday is my situation any less desperate?
Question 3. To be asked on journal day five. Upon review of my journal notes is there improvement in my will to live and is there a glimmer of hope that my life has value?
Further instruction of the process: Your life has value. Life is what you make it and what you put into it is the very thing that you get out of it.
The idea of the Suicide Journal instruction to the way of life is to give a person that is contemplating taking their own life a recharge to the value of their own life by just adding one more day to their life. Then reading their response the next and subsequent days of the journal process. Within the five day process the problem or situation may work itself out or you as the counselor may say the right thing to give them hope in them self.
A thought to remember is that too much of the bible could be a deterrent to someone in this state of mind and spirit. What they may need most is advice and guidance about coming to the end of them self. It has been said that when someone comes to the end of themselves that they are ready to put their old life away and start a fresh life in the Nature of Jesus. By coming to the end of themselves they would be ready for a new life. That new life, that new nature would be one that would be different from the one that they have been lived up until now. A change is taking place. It does no good to make a change and not change for the better in the eyes of God. Back to the statement: too much of the bible could be a deterrent to someone in this state of mind and spirit. This is important; what one in this state of mind needs is having the knowledge that there is a God and that the only way out of their situation is a permanent transformation into the True Nature of God. Too much of the bible may just chock or confuse someone. What is needed is the knowledge that God will come to any one’s rescue. To seek after God you must believe that the power of God is a work in the heart, a work wrought in the soul by the power of the Spirit of God; for religion is represented in Scripture as the work of God in the heart. Before a person can have peace in their heart, they must be made to see, made to feel, made to weep over who they were at the time that they wanted to kill themselves. So remember to be cautious when dealing with people that are desperate in life as they are better off with discussions of God or Jesus about topics of change in themselves for the better. Bible reading should be at their own pace if desired. A suicidal person is already on the edge. Another note of caution, don’t argue with them. If a difference of opinion comes up ask yourself what’s more important, there survival for five more days or to be right on the topic at hand.
The balls is in your court, all that has to happen is to place it in theirs so that they can hit it back to you.
In conclusion you must remember that this person is dying out to their fallen nature. What must now occur is for them to press into the new nature of God.

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